Hooves for Healing

Hooves for Healing is an Equine facilitated learning project we have been nurturing over the past 3 years, engaging with the community offering a service which has improved the quality of life for many children and young teens and adults.

We have recently been awarded a community Lottery grant to be used to develop and grow our service in the community.

Equine facilitated learning is an alternative tool used with guidance to create a bond between pony and human, applied in the correct environment to encourage and promote emotional growth and learning.

Teamwork is encouraged as pony , client and assistant work closely with the help of an individual learning programme to enhance self discovery, self expression, including evaluation and reflection of their experience.

Therapeutic riding of the pony is not always part of the individuals learning programme, leading the pony, brushing, touching the pony can be included. Creative activities can take place either inside the stable or outside in our paddock, always ensuring client safety is maintained. .

We always set our service users up to succeed this promotes self esteem, trust, confidence ,leaving them with a great sense of achievement.

You can self refer, we have child agencies referring to us, also local schools. Please contact Pam if you require further information

Testimony from a recent client age 16 plus who for confidentiality will be referred to as “service user”.

“"Firstly, thank you for allowing our service user to attend yesterday. She had a great afternoon, although initially very anxious, this soon disappeared. She enjoyed spending time with Willow and being introduced to the other ponies. Our service user has also said yourself and Sally put them at ease. I’ve discussed with my ward manager about her attending again. She agrees this would be very beneficial to our service user, and would increase their self esteem and confidence, however for the first few sessions our service user would need to attend with a staff member. We would then work towards her attending on their own."”

Equine facilitated Learning can be accessed by most people and is beneficial to many including people who have:

  • Mental illness, depression,anxiety, anger, stress
  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
  • Autism
  • Vision Impairment and so on.

A 45 minute pony therapy session is subsidised and we ask if you can make a suggested donation to Hooves for Healing.

We are currently looking for sponsorship and funding to enable those who can not afford our service to access it.

If you are interested in doing so please contact me on our webmail .

We can offer advertising at our venue car parking area in return for sponsorship at a very reasonable price! thanks already to Hilbre Windows and Bogans Carpets , who have been sponsoring us over the past year, making a difference to young lives by renting advertising space on our car park area.

  • BHS horse owners certificate level 1 and 2
  • Equine Assisted Therapy Course attended (2012)
  • Autism Awareness attended at Autism Together
  • BHS First Aider Course (2019)
  • DBS checked(2019)

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