Meet Our Ponies

Part of planning your pony hire with you will be to use the appropriate pony for your pony hire visit. We will take into consideration age, approximate heights, approximate weights of visiting children/clients.

Maximum weight is 15 stone for Toby Horse

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Murphy is our latest arrival to help with our demand for unicorn ponies. Murphy is a grey Section A pony 11.1 hands high, 14  years of age, Murphy is our youngest pony , he loves to be fussed ,brushed and pampered by the children.


Meet Chutney, he is 24 years young, a bay gelding . Chutney all ready has a fan club having lived on Wirral most of his life , he has worked at Jo Masons School of riding and has given rides to so many! Chutney is a great all rounder for all age groups and small adults .


Monty is our 18 year old miniature Shetland pony, now retired, he is so cute; he stands just 30 inches high. His colour is chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail. Monty thinks he is a lot bigger than he really is !


Lucie is our retired 24 years old registered Toy horse, her colour is snow flake appaloosa, Lucie is a  mare and stands 34 inches high, she loves to whinny and be fussed.


Ellie was brought over from Ireland and we got offered her from a local lady in Meols. Ellie’s colour is called a “flea bitten grey” she has little brown patches of hair in her grey coat. Ellie is a gentle soul, very inquisitive and loves human company. Ellie is 21 years old and her breed is unknown to us. Ellie stands 13.1hands high and will be ridden by our older children and small adults, she is used for therapy work too.


Willow is one of our lovely riding ponies she takes  part in our grooming activities also helping with therapy work. We have been lucky enough to purchase Willow after loaning her for 2 years.

Willow is a Welsh section B, chestnut mare, she is 12.1 hand high and is 18 years of age.


Meet Dandy, he is our cute Welsh section A pony, he is grey in colour, he is 25 + years of age, Dandy has worked in riding schools in Wirral and is now enjoying full retirement from riding.


Toby belongs to Pam, he is a beautiful bay roan gelding . Toby is 21 years old and is 15.1 hand high. Toby has recently been used for Therapeutic riding for Hooves for Healing, Equine assisted Learning, he is a lovely lad.


Duncan is our notorious cheeky donkey. Duncan is 17 years old, his colour is dunn. He has joined us at charity fund raising events, carol singing, eeaw eeaways enjoys that! school fetes and residential home visits. Duncan is retired from riding due to a sarcoid scar on his girth line.


Jake; R.I.P Oct 30th 2014, he was our our adorable gentle giant, he was just 18 years young. A genuine horse throughout, he will be missed by us all.


Tempe; R.I.P. 27th Oct 2014, She was our pretty grey Welsh Section A pony . Tempe was 22 years young , formerly ridden at Sandy Lane equestrian centre Cheshire. Tempe will be missed by many of her former riders, such a sweet spirit.


Jester : R.I.P. 20 years old this year, owned by Pam since Jest was 3, we had a good life together, he taught me many things over the years, always in my heart Jesters memory will linger all my life long.